Antibacterial Yoga Mat

Provide a healthy and comfortable yoga experience for you !

Small Knowledge of Popular Science:

A clean and anti-bacterial yoga mat is very important if you want to practice yoga in a relaxed and enjoyable way. After doing yoga, the yoga mat will inevitably have sweat, stains, etc., which will give breeding places for bacteria, fungi and dust mites to grow. The bacteria will cause folliculitis. is the cause of asthma. In order to stay away from the harm of germs, we need to develop good exercise habits and clean the yoga mat frequently. Therefore, you need an antibacterial yoga mat.

Advantages of Antibacterial Mat Yoga Mat

1. Long-lasting antibacterial: The yoga mat is made of antibacterial TPE material, with patented technology and sgs test certificate, the antibacterial rate is greater than 99.9%, and can resist Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc.


2. Environmentally friendly tpe material, double-sided non-slip, high elastic & shock absorption


3.It more than just a yoga mat which suitable for a variety of scenarios: exercise mat, kid’s play mat, travel outdoor door, etc.


Antibacterial TPE Yoga Mat: You deserve it!