Do you konw The Yoga Block?

There are too many yoga supplies. For yoga practitioners, especially beginners, they don’t know what to choose at the beginning. Everyone knows that yoga mats and yoga clothes are necessary, but in fact, if you want to practice yoga well, yoga block, yoga balls , elastic bands, etc. are very important equipment   Yoga block are […]

Why so many people love NBR yoga mats?

NBR Yoga Mats are a great choice for yogis who prioritize comfort and stability during their practice. The mats are made of a high-density foam material that provides excellent cushioning and support for your joints and bones. Additionally, the non-slip surface of the mat helps keep you stable and secure in your poses. Overall, NBR […]

Why choose cork yoga mat?

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people seek to choose healthier and more environmentally friendly products. Cork yoga mats have become exercise equipment for many fitness people. Let’s take a look at the reasons why cork yoga mats are more popular than ordinary yoga mats: 1. Natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable Cork […]

Ultimate Tips for Cleaning & Extending the Life of Your Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

How to Maintain Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Taking care of your natural rubber yoga mat can prolong its life greatly, maintaining the material’s inherent grip and cushion. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate this process. Noting this general guideline for care and maintenance of natural rubber yoga mats. Depending on the specific brand and type of your mat, there could be […]

Do you know the storage capacity of our yoga mat factory?

Today let’s have a factory tour for our warehouse!We have many workers to sort, inspect, pack the produced yoga mats. Our factory has a strong storage capacity, more than 3000㎡ of storage area. Our factory was found in 1995, which covers an area of over 10, 0000㎡ of  production R & D base and 6, […]

Do You Know Shock-Absorbing Yoga Mat?

The functions of shock-absorbing yoga mats include: Reduce joint pressure: The shock-absorbing yoga mat is made of high-density material, which can reduce the joint pressure on the body during yoga practice, especially in yoga poses that require weight bearing. Shock relief: During jumping yoga exercises or high-intensity yoga movements, shock-absorbing yoga mats can relieve the […]

Are you curious about the difference between exercise and yoga?

Different:   Fitness is a better exercise for physical fitness, heart rate, muscle and other indicators. For example, if you want to become a waistcoat line, you need all kinds of abdominal training. If you want to make your shoulders more straight and flat, you need to use shoulder training equipment. The effect will be […]

How to distinguish different materials of yoga mats?

7 Types of yoga mat materials you need to know Not all yoga mats are created equal. Some are more environmentally friendly; others are more durable. When searching for the perfect yoga mat to do your business, you have to weigh the benefits and disadvantages of the many types available, and factor in such elements […]

Why is a jump rope mat important?

Everyone knows that there are yoga mats for yoga. So does jumping rope need a jump rope mat? Is this mat useful? Let’s talk about it today. What is the jump rope mat for? 1. Because of its certain thickness and elasticity, the rope skipping pad can play a good buffering role, reducing the impact […]