Why choose cork yoga mat

Cork is made of high-quality natural rubber bark with fine texture and texture, which is sweat-absorbing, breathable, moisture-proof, water-resistant, elastic, environmentally friendly and healthier. It is one of the yoga mats you deserve.


Advantages of cork:

1. Natural: Cork trees grow on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The veneer has no peculiar smell and has the advantages of antibacterial and so on.

2. Non-slip: sweaty palms or spray some water on the surface beforehand, the cork surface will become wet, and the grip will be enhanced when you move during training.

3. Environmental protection: Cork comes from renewable and sustainably collected plants, which can be decomposed in the environment without polluting the environment.

4. Safety: The production process of cork is the same as that of red wine corks, and it is a food-grade material.

5. Durable: Natural cork is tear-resistant, which can prevent the yoga mat from tearing and can increase the service life of yoga.

6. Easy to clean: Compared with yoga mats made of other materials, cork is easier to clean. Wipe it with a wet towel, or even splash ink on it, you can also use a woodworking brush, polish it a little, and wipe it with a wet towel, it will look as bright as new.


Cork Yoga Mat: You deserve it!