The functions of shock-absorbing yoga mats include:

Reduce joint pressure: The shock-absorbing yoga mat is made of high-density material, which can reduce the joint pressure on the body during yoga practice, especially in yoga poses that require weight bearing.

Shock relief: During jumping yoga exercises or high-intensity yoga movements, shock-absorbing yoga mats can relieve the impact on the body and reduce discomfort during exercise.

Provide support and stability: Due to its thick design, shock-absorbing yoga mats can provide better support and stability, helping to maintain balance and correct posture.

Increase comfort: Compared with ordinary yoga mats, shock-absorbing yoga mats are softer and more comfortable, making the practitioner’s contact with the ground more comfortable.

In general, shock-absorbing yoga mats can help improve the comfort, safety and effectiveness of yoga practice, allowing practitioners to enjoy the benefits of yoga more.


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