When it comes to buying fitness mats, the first thing to do is to rule out the misunderstanding of buying and selling, that is, it is easy to buy a yoga mat instead of a fitness mat!

The biggest difference between fitness mats and yoga mats is that they are adapted to different exercise scenarios:

(1) Yoga mat:

Yoga mats are more suitable for gentle movement training based on yoga movements, with soft texture and small friction coefficient, which are also more suitable for the main exercise mode of yoga movement, that is, static, gentle, and relaxing movements.

(2) Fitness mat:

Fitness mats are mainly used for various types of aerobic exercise, such as push-ups, presses, deadlifts, etc. The range of motion and exercise intensity are larger than those of yoga training, so the requirements for anti-skid, anti-sweat and anti-shock effects are higher, and the texture is relatively wear-resistant, and it will not easily slip and cause safety threats.

(3) Generally speaking:

Fitness mats can be used as yoga mats, but general yoga mats are not suitable for high-intensity periodic fitness training.

Seeing this, I believe that you may have never understood the difference between a fitness mat and a yoga mat. I hope that after understanding, you can avoid this choice trouble and find a suitable home fitness mat.