There are too many yoga supplies. For yoga practitioners, especially beginners, they don’t know what to choose at the beginning. Everyone knows that yoga mats and yoga clothes are necessary, but in fact, if you want to practice yoga well, yoga block, yoga balls , elastic bands, etc. are very important equipment


Yoga block are a kind of yoga aids for beginners or people with poor flexibility, but many people are not clear about the purchase and use of these yoga supplies. Today I will introduce the selection and use of yoga block in detail, so that everyone Learn to use yoga block correctly!


This article introduces yoga block in detail from three aspects, the catalog is as follows:


1. What are the functions of yoga block?

Yoga block are a kind of auxiliary equipment, which is convenient for balance and support, and can complete some postures with high flexibility. Specifically, it has the following three functions:


(1)Reduce the difficulty of practice: For beginners and people with poor flexibility, it can assist in completing some movements with high flexibility and reduce the difficulty of practice.


(2)Advanced auxiliary postures: For yoga practitioners who want to improve their abilities, they can deepen the depth of postures and improve the difficulty and effect of advanced training.


(3)Steady support to avoid injury: During the process of completing training exercises, it can firmly support the body, find the body’s upright state, achieve better stretching, and avoid sports injuries through the support of yoga block.


2.How to use yoga block?

Among the various postures of yoga, yoga block can better help us practice + deepen posture exercises. There are six main ways to use yoga block. Come and see how to practice them.


3. How to choose yoga block?


(1)Understand the material of yoga block


There are three common materials for yoga block: EVA resin, cork and wood.


EVA: The most common material, light in weight, moderate in hardness, and cheap in price, with many colors to choose from, light and easy to carry; the disadvantage of durability is relatively poor, and force will cause deformation, but daily use or initial use Scholars use enough!

Yoga Blocks-6

Cork: The cork material is comfortable to the touch, moderate in weight, better in support, and better in durability than EVA.

High Quality Yoga Block-5

Solid wood: wood is more durable, and it is heavier to better support the body and has good stability; the disadvantage is that it has a certain weight, is not convenient to carry, and is relatively expensive.

Yoga block of different materials will have different weights. Generally, beginners are recommended to choose the ones below 300g, which are easy to carry and support enough.


(2) Choose the size that suits you


Common yoga block dimensions on the market: length 23 x width 15 x thickness 7.5/10 (cm), mainly in two styles in thickness.


The one with a thickness of 7.5 cm is relatively common, suitable for assisting and fine-tuning postures; the one with a thickness of 10 cm is more suitable for deepening postures, and you can choose according to your own movement intensity.