Everyone knows that there are yoga mats for yoga.

So does jumping rope need a jump rope mat? Is this mat useful? Let’s talk about it today.

What is the jump rope mat for?

1. Because of its certain thickness and elasticity, the rope skipping pad can play a good buffering role, reducing the impact on the legs when the rope skipping takes off and falls, thus protecting the ankles and knees to a certain extent, and reducing the risk of injury during exercise. probability.

2. Improve the ground environment. For example, if the ground is too hard and not particularly flat, it will be more suitable for rope skipping after laying a skipping mat.

3. It can effectively protect the rope, reduce the wear of the rope body and prolong the service life.

Do skipping ropes have to be skipping mats?

Not necessarily, it mainly depends on the environment. For example, on an indoor wooden floor or an outdoor plastic field, skipping rope mats may not be used, but skipping rope mats can still improve your rope skipping experience, reduce the probability of tripping ropes, increase the sense of jumping, and make you jump more comfortably.

Which venues recommend the use of skipping mats?

Hard ground, such as cement floor, marble floor, some hard ground is not only hard, but also uneven, this is a relatively large hidden danger for rope skipping, which can easily lead to sprains.

At the same time, the damage to the rope is particularly large on rough ground, and the rope will break if it is used frequently!

With a yoga mat, is there no need for a skipping mat?

There is still a difference between yoga mats and skipping rope mats. Yoga mats are usually soft and thin in thickness, so the resilience and shock absorption are poorer.

Poor resilience will affect your rope skipping. The most direct reaction is that it is easy to break the rope. This is not a big problem for beginners, because they can’t jump many times in a row, but for more skilled rope skippers, this is very important. The problem. Because it will affect the rhythm of skipping rope, and at the same time, it will be very uncomfortable to keep breaking the rope.

The light shock absorption is so poor that it is acceptable. After all, we are still wearing shoes, which also have a cushioning effect.

Moreover, yoga mats are more suitable for static exercises, and are easy to shift under more dynamic exercises such as skipping rope.

So my suggestion is that you can use the yoga mat directly, but if you jump on it and it is soft and the rope keeps breaking, then you should consider changing to a skipping rope mat.

Is it possible to skip rope without wearing shoes if there is a skipping mat?

You can, but I don’t recommend you do it. Because the shoes protect the soles of the feet more completely, such as trip ropes, if you are hit by a rope, the shoes can play a protective role. If you don’t wear shoes, you will hit your feet directly. You must know that being pulled by the wire rope can be very painful.

Is it possible to skip rope at home with a skipping mat?

Not recommended. If your family lives on the ground floor, that’s totally fine. If you have neighbors downstairs, try not to do this. Although the skipping mat has the function of shock absorption, it cannot completely eliminate the interference downstairs. Try to choose outdoors for rope skipping. If you must jump at home, it is best to communicate with the neighbor downstairs. Once the other party can still feel the vibration and noise, stop it.

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Are jump rope mats silent?

I believe this is one of the reasons why many friends choose skipping rope pads at the beginning, but it is not the case. The sound reduction effect of skipping rope pads is relatively limited, especially for friends who use steel wire ropes. The so-called mute just means that after using the jumping rope mat, it may not be easy to hear the sound of the rope hitting the floor downstairs, but for the user itself, the sound is still quite loud.

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What kind of jump rope mat should I choose?

The thickness of the rope skipping mat is usually 6-8mm. Too thick or too soft mats are not recommended, because too thick will lead to poor resilience, and too soft may sprain your feet, and these two kinds of ropes will give you a sense of feedback. Neither is good, easy to trip rope!

For those who are new to rope skipping and don’t need to practice a lot of rope skipping, or those who often skip rope without rope, you can choose a rope skipping mat with a higher price and less than 100 yuan.

The advantage of this type of skipping mat is that the price is relatively affordable, and it can play a certain role in cushioning and protection.

The disadvantage is that most of the materials are TPE environmental protection materials, which have low density, light weight, and are prone to dents and deformations.

At the same time, the size is small, the texture is soft, the rebound speed is not enough, and the feedback is not the best. It is not suitable for a large number of continuous rope skipping, and it is easy to trip the rope.

In short, the skipping mat is still very helpful to our skipping rope. It can not only play a protective role, but also improve our skipping experience. Therefore, if you like skipping rope and want to skip rope better, it is highly recommended to buy a jump rope mat.