Water Filled PVC Kettlebell Portable


Item Kettle Bell
Material PVC
Size Length: 40cm,height:21cm,handle:15cm,handle diameter:2.5cm
Weight 1.2kg, can be injected to 6 kg


1. Easy to carry out: empty the water when taking out, convenient to use, can be filled with water at any time.
2. 1.2-12 pounds Adjustable: the kettlebell weight can be adjusted according to the amount of water.
3. Made of environmentally friendly PVC and PC material, can be used for a long time, never rust.
4. Integrated dip molding design, the handle is anti-skid and anti-broken, prevent palm getting sweaty, comfortable to grip and use.
5. Suitable for gym, fitness, sports, weight lifting, yoga and variety of workout.

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