Wholesale Comfortable Breathable Back Shoulder Support Belt Thin Posture Corrector

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Postural Corrector






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Neoprene composite fabrics produced by neoprene manufacturers are neoprene laminated with various fabrics, which are widely used in sports protective equipment. The Chinese name of neoprene used in neoprene composite fabrics is neoprene chlorine. Both the double bond and the chlorine atom are insufficiently active, and it is not easy for chemical reactions to occur, so the product is not easy to age and crack.
1. The rubber structure is stable, non-toxic and harmless.
2. The rubber has good flame retardancy and is safe and reliable to use.
3. The rubber has good water resistance and oil resistance, so it can be repeatedly washed with water, anti-deformation, not easy to age and crack and other durable characteristics.



Note: Prohibition of cleaning with alcohol and gasoline detergents should usually be stored in a low temperature, moisture-free place; washing with a washing machine is prohibited.


Cleaning instructions: simple dirt, brush with a soft-bristled brush as soon as possible; oily serious pollution, add neutral detergent in water, and wipe with a soft-bristled brush dampened with water; after cleaning, please place in a well-ventilated place and dry.


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