Proper use of the yoga ball, stretching, squeezing and other actions through rhythmic breathing can target the abdomen, back, waist and other major parts, so that the muscles can be effectively massaged, relaxed, and consume fat. At the same time, it can also improve the ability to concentrate and reduce mental stress. Enhance the endurance of limbs and spine.

1. Train the balance of the human body

Balance is an important indicator of health, and postures such as standing, sitting, squatting, and riding are inseparable from balance. The yoga ball is an “unstable” exercise device. When you leave the ground with the help of a yoga ball, you must try to maintain your balance, not to let the ball roll, and not to let yourself fall from the ball. Integrated Strength Control, which is great for maintaining body coordination and muscle strength.

2. Correct posture

When you sit on a yoga ball, all parts of your body are constantly making small adjustments to keep your body stable. These small movements can promote blood circulation, strengthen the back and abdomen, let you sit up straight involuntarily, open your shoulders, and correct your long-term wrong sitting posture.

3. Massage effect

The yoga ball movement will try to make the body fully contact with the spherical surface, and the yoga ball is made of soft PVC material. When the human body is in contact with it, the inflated fitness ball inside will evenly touch the contact parts of the human body to produce a massage effect. This is good for promoting blood circulation.

4. Relieve the back

Because of the soft force of the yoga ball, exercise is relatively safe. Even people with back injuries who need rehabilitation can also practice, which can avoid excessive impact on the joints, and it will be much easier to do.


Practitioners should cooperate with slow breathing when doing movements, and perform gentle movements such as stretching and squeezing, so that the muscles in these parts can be effectively massaged, relaxed, and consume energy, so there will be no fatigue after exercise. Using the bright and lively color of the ball, elasticity, and rolling freely, in the process of dancing with the ball, accompanied by melodious music, listening to the sound of your own body, enjoying the fun brought by the yoga ball, can dispel the fatigue of the day.