What “equipment” do I need for yoga?

For beginners, you may not know what to pick out at first. There are so many yoga supplies. For example: yoga block, yoga ball, yoga wheel, yoga pillow, yoga clothing, yoga socks, yoga gloves, yoga rings, Pilates circles, stretching bands, butt circles, etc


The same goes for yoga gear. Buying everything is not recommended at first.




In the yoga equipment, you can buy some basic supplies of yoga exercise, such as yoga mat, yoga block, yoga clothing.


Yoga mat for beginners, try to choose the thickness of 4~5mm, some brands of yoga mat will have 1.5mm, 3mm is too thin, can not be used alone. And some fitness pads will be 6mm, too thick for beginners, is not conducive to the development of the wrist. Material above the best choice of rubber pad, anti-slip, and easy to clean.

Yoga Matt-4

Yoga clothes

We should choose comfortable and not tight clothes, but also let the teacher can see the outline of your body, so it should not be too loose.

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The advanced


Once you have a rudimentary understanding of yoga, you can begin to pursue something higher. When you feel like you’ve improved your game and need something new, try buying a yoga hammock


Yoga ball

Yoga Ball-1

Resistance Band

Cotton Booty Band-1

Yoga block


Start different kinds of yoga and practice more yoga asanas



Some good things to enhance yoga happiness


Yoga socks:  From the perspective of safety and hygiene, wearing yoga socks can increase the friction with the yoga mat, avoid slipping, protect yourself, but also effectively maintain their own hygiene.

Sock Pilates-2

You can also choose the style according to the demand, there are socks socks, open toe closed toe.


Yoga towel Yoga mat for a long time, it will breed some bacteria, the use of towel on the yoga mat, more clean health, let you practice yoga more at ease.

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Yoga pillows:   The yoga throw pillows are designed to effectively assist users in adjusting their yoga postures and provide them with appropriate and safe support, especially when doing back extension exercises, healing movements and deep breathing rest, providing stable support and relaxation auxiliary tools.

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