At present, the main materials of yoga mats on the market are: TPE, NBR, PVC, PU, cork, rubber, linen, etc. The four materials of TPE, NBR, PVC, and rubber can be used as the bottom surface or the front and back of the entire yoga mat. It can be used as this kind of material, while PU, cork, and flax have good water absorption, anti-skid, and skin-friendly properties. Usually, they can only be used as the surface of yoga mats, because these materials are expensive. As the bottom surface, they do not have slip and abrasion resistance of TPE and rubber.


These kinds of materials are quite different in elasticity, anti-slip, water absorption and durability.

Elasticity: Rubber>TPE>NBR>PVC
Slip resistance: PU/cork>TPE>NBR>PVC
Water absorption: PU/cork>NBR>PVC>TPE
Durability: Rubber>TPE>PU/Cork/Linen>NBR>PVC

Based on the comparison of the characteristics of the above various materials, the best quality yoga mat is the PU rubber yoga mat.

PU rubber yoga mat is a specialized high-grade material yoga mat used for yoga exercises, which is made of heat-bonded or bonded PU leather and natural rubber.


PU is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic high-end leather synthesized by resin. The PU material is rich in the luster of leather. This material is delicate and elastic, has a good hand feel and is skin-friendly. The human body can feel the excellent comfort of this material.

This material has strong water absorption and breathability. The polyurethane water absorption layer on the PU surface can quickly absorb sweat, and has good breathability. Therefore, even if there are sweat and water stains, they will dry quickly, reducing the impact on yoga exercise.

Natural rubber: It is commonly used for making the bottom of yoga mats, and the color is generally black. Natural rubber requires multiple rounds of internal refining, mixing, foaming and laminating, and coil processing to become a suitable base for making yoga mats.

Rubber is a material with foam pores, which is breathable and anti-smell. The texture on the back can be well adsorbed on the floor, and has the effect of anti-slip and shock absorption, because foam rubber has good elasticity.

In addition, rubber also has good wear resistance and tear resistance, so the yoga mat made of rubber is very durable, very suitable for difficult yoga and high-intensity yoga exercises.