From the perspective of production logic of the factory, from the perspective of production cost and product details.

1、 Production cost

From the factory price, the factors that affect the price of yoga mat mainly lie in the production technology, labor cost, raw material cost and production volume. Because this is a product of ordinary manufacturing industry — light textile industry — the technical barrier is relatively low. If the cost of the same material is the same, most factories have the same process technology. Even if there are differences, the impact on the product production price is small. But from the perspective of the price of this industry, the impact of the factory price is about a few cents, at most a few dollars.

The real impact on the ex factory price lies in the cost of raw materials. This formula will be clear at a glance:
Natural rubber>PU>suede>cork>jute>TPE>PVC>NBR

And many yoga mats on the market are made of two materials.

Many cushions are made of natural rubber or TPE or PVC as the back, with skin contact surface fitting and other materials.
The difference between expensive and cheap materials lies more in the cost of raw materials, which is related to the scarcity of raw materials and the good and bad of the materials.

Each material exhibits different characteristics. The cost of PU is higher than that of cork (under the condition of the same size, thickness and relatively similar quality), and the popularity of PU mats is higher than that of cork. However, in recent years, some people in Europe, America and Australia are more persistent about environmental protection and natural materials. There are also more advanced yoga lovers who prefer linen and suede, but these two materials are not very friendly for beginners.

This comparison is also based on the comparison between mainstream materials on the market, and the fact that the difference between the ex factory price of products and the price of terminal sales is not too big.



2、 Product details, brand premium

For the same material, the price will vary greatly. From materials, foaming, to manufacturing details, as well as fitting technology, the yoga mat will show a different state in the end.

The same PVC material, some are very cheap, some are international famous classic, the price is hundreds of dollars, can be said to be different.

From the materials, rubber and plastic industry, there will always be new materials, secondary materials, and recycled materials.

Different materials are similar to the good words of food materials when cooking. The final results are also different. The quality of PVC yoga mat, foaming materials, foaming temperature and foaming ratio will all affect it.

The touch, anti-skid degree, support and resilience of the cushion will be different.

The same is true for other materials. In fact, yoga mats are very similar to the clothing industry. The cost, process, design and brand of materials will have a certain impact on the price of mats.

TPE yoga mat is the same.

So when you choose yoga mats, you should first find out the material. After knowing about the material, you should choose the most favorite and suitable material, and then choose the same material dimension at an acceptable price. It’s not that the more expensive the better. For example, the suede yoga mat has poor skid resistance, but the suede made of good material is also of high quality, but it is not particularly friendly to beginners.