There is no doubt that it is a TPE material yoga mat.

TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastome) material is an environmentally friendly material of natural latex and hemp, which is recyclable and reusable, and will not cause environmental pollution after disposal. The yoga mat made of TPE mainly has the characteristics of good elasticity, good anti-slip effect, good toughness and strong tension.


Compared with PVC yoga mats, TPE yoga mats have insurmountable advantages:

(1) Non-toxic, PVC-free, metal-free, and non-irritating taste.
(2) Natural oxidative cracking, which can be recycled and avoid environmental pollution.
(3) Soft and fit, the ground is tiled, and the whole mat can stick to the ground and grasp the ground.
(4) Lightweight: Each mat weighs about 1200 grams, which is about 300 grams lighter than PVC foam cushions, and is easy to carry and store;
(5) Waterproof and non-slip, even if the soles and palms of the feet sweat and do yoga exercises on them, the anti-slip effect is still excellent. There are beautiful anti-slip particles on the front and the back, and the anti-slip effect is better.
(6) Good elasticity and strong resilience. The thickness is 6-10mm, and the resilience is strong. When doing yoga on it, you will feel soft and comfortable, and you will not feel thin at all. It will not harden over time.

TPE yoga mat is a non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly and cost-effective yoga mat. If you don’t know what kind of yoga mat to choose, choose TPE.