Tpe Yoga Mat Folding-7

Simply put, a yoga mat is a mat that is placed under the human body when practicing yoga. The types of yoga mats are generally divided into TPE, PVC, NBR, cork, rubber mats, etc. in terms of materials. Usually, the surface of the yoga mat has uniform particles, full of bubbles, soft feel, non-toxic, odorless, non-slip, strong rebound ability, and strong tear resistance. It can also effectively block the cold air on the ground, has strong grip, and has outstanding resilience, smoothness, and human skin affinity.

What are the advantages of  TPE yoga mat?

1: Environmental protection material

TPE mats are made of environmentally friendly materials, and have high requirements for production technology and raw materials during the production process.


2: Non-toxic, the smell can dissipate

The new TPE mat will also have a little smell of the raw material itself. The new mat bought back can be opened and placed in a ventilated and cool place for a day or two to dissipate the smell. (Note: Do not put it in the sun!).


3: Good skid resistance and elasticity

Anti-skid, elasticity and workmanship are incomparable to PVC materials, even if you sweat, it can prevent slipping.


4: Good quality, long service life

TPE mats are more durable, and the service life is four or five times that of PVC.


5: Diversified colors and textures

TPE mats can have a variety of printed patterns, and the expression of the process is also rich.